Friday, 27 July 2012


As 10-year-old company, Olympia Moving Storage has been every one favorite go-to company for people from all walks of life. From company owners to single parents, Olympia has helped countless persons, families, and companies to move. Because we have price to fit most budgets, faultless service we’ve become a favorite for a lot of of our customers and continue to strive for the utmost excellence of service.

Our mission is to provide very cost-effective moving services, where you pay for value and we provide a less classy way of getting such value. Our company is family-owned, so we pride ourselves on sympathetic the weight of having a budget of time as well as money, and how much it income to be able to stick to those budget. We also understand that the moving procedure is highly stressful, and we strive to make it more at ease for persons, families, and companies alike.
We hope that you join our family of satisfied customers the next time you need to move. We can supply every service you could possibly need, have well-organized tools such as hydraulic lifts and other professional exciting and moving experts and tools, and we take great care in wrapping and conservation your most precious property. We hope you’ll call for a citation and allow us to help you in your move!

Local Moves

It’s pretty moving to find a company that’s well-rounded, so that’s what we try to capture. We’ve stretched over the years to encompass almost every different type of move we can, and one of those types is local moves. We’ve been given that local moving services to Cook, Lake, McHenry, and Kane counties in Illinois for the past 10 years, each move helping us to grow and learn and interact positively with our clients.

One of our main goals has always been to have a very spirited pricing system for our moving services. There are many moving company, but usually, if you want quality, it shows – a lot – in the charge tag. That’s all well and good for people or companies who think they have that money to waste. To us, though, it’s only fair to keep the price fair, in particular for those who need the help but can’t afford the expensive guys.

Long Distance Moves

Moving over a vast space can be just as expensive with a do-it-yourself move as it is by a moving company. Why put in all of your blood, sweat, and tears for a move if you’re still paying about the same size of money?

We keep this and the pricing of the rivalry in mind when dealing with long space moves. Our services are quote at a flat rate, which means that you won’t be surprised with taxes and fees that were previously unmentioned.

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